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NUTTEA is the only brand of Nut Mylk Tea that uses 100% self-made granular and roasted nuts. NUTTEA monitors the whole manufacturing process, and the mouth-feel and quality cannot be compared with the powdered mylk tea made of grains. All products are directly produced by HACCP certified factories. Tea leaves and nuts are also verified to be free of any pesticides and all materials are checked by SGS and certified by HALA every season.

In addition to the selection of nuts, water is also a key to a perfect cup of Nut Mylk. Every drop of water is filtered five times to ensure safety. This is the reason that the cost of NUTTEA is much higher than other milk tea shops. However, the high price also differentiates the customers of NUTTEA from other common tea shops. NUTTEA is already loved by elders, sports lovers, vegan, environmentalist, etc. We care for every detail because NUTTEA leads the development of nut drinks!

Other than Nut Mylk, NUTTEA shall offer more nut products in the future. We believe that nuts are not only the trend of the world’s diet but also the beginning of a healthy diet, which will eventually become part of our lives. Therefore, NUTTEA is committed to developing nut-related diets worldwide to further connect nuts with daily life. The delicious and healthy Nut Mylk tea shall become available all over the world.

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