The 7 Best Places For Bubble Tea In Taipei

You can’t visit Taipei without trying Taiwan’s national drink – bubble tea. With endless teahouses on every street, it can be hard to narrow down which one to visit first. We took the grunt work out of it for you and narrowed it down to the best ones — Head over to any of these tea shops for some deliciously fruity or milky bubble tea in Taipei.

1. 50 Lan

50 Lan got a humble start in the ’90s and has since grown into a massive tea store chain known for serving up some of the best bubble tea around. Fruit tea is what they are known for, but you can’t go wrong with any of their menu items. You can even customise your bubble tea to be served with tapioca balls for an even sweeter treat. Be sure to grab their plum & kumquat juice.

image: Tohru Morita / Facebook

2. Chun Shui Tang

Only a hop away from Zhongzheng Road, Chun Shui Tang is centrally located and a must-try in Taipei. Their teamakers are certified in ‘tea-teaching’ which means you get a great cup every single time. Be sure to try one of their original pearl milk teas.

Chun Shui Tang - Taipei Tea House

3. Kenting Dan Dan Milk Tea

This Daan Taipei favourite is known for serving unique and flavourful bubble tea better than anyone around. At Kenting Dan Dan, they are all about the add ons. You’ll find fewer varieties of the tea itself and more interesting variations of the tapioca balls and toppings. So get a little creative and head over to Kenting Dan Dan for a delicious and interesting bubble tea.

4. Yi Fang Fruit Tea

In the heart of Wanhua, you’ll find Yi Fang Fruit Tea. While most tea shops specialize in the highly popularized milk bubble teas, Yi Fang Fruit Tea is known for their fruit options. 100% natural ingredients, speedy service and freshness are undoubtedly what draws guests here. Be sure to try their passionfruit green tea and then a wintermelon tea. Either way, you’ll definitely be back for more.

image: Kornchawal Pimsiri/Facebook

5. TP Tea

A TP Tea they pride themselves on pure milk boba drinks and are known for their delicious tapioca balls. In addition to their fresh teas, they are famous for their fast and friendly service and milky lattes. Don’t leave without trying the Tieguanyin tea.

6. Ten Ren’s Tea

This Shilin District gem is all about health. At Ten Ren’s Tea, you’ll find that their varieties have a low sugar content and stick to natural flavours. Don’t get us wrong, despite being super healthy, it still packs a huge punch with flavour.

Ten Ren’s is one of the most popular places in the city for lovers of pearl milk tea. Hop over to Shilin and try their signature 913 King’s Oolong milk tea.

Ten Ren's Taipei

7. NUTTEA Mylk Tea

Vegans need look no further than Nuttea Mylk Tea in Daan. They specialise in bubble tea made with a variety of nut milks that are always fresh and delightfully creamy. Take your pick from any of their deliciously nutty options with an unbelievably good cashew cream topping.

Image: @veggiekins/Instagram

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