Nut Mylk Tea

Since 2017, NUTTEA has been developing nut-related diets and continuously improving the quality of nuts. The featured five nuts are baked and cold-pressed into our signature Nut Mylk, which is not only beneficial to human health but also creates a rich flavor, making it a better choice to mix with tea, coffee or fresh fruits.
Despite the mainstream popularity of cow’s milk, many people are not aware that humans extend the natural lactation period of cows to produce more milk and increase commercial value. After realizing this cruel fact, the appetite for plant-based milk especially from vegans and lactose-intolerant consumers has grown dramatically. We usually find many kinds of plant-based milk in the long-lived milk section in supermarkets. But the fact is that these products contain less than 8% of real nuts, which are usually made of powder with added preservatives and additives. IT'S NUTS!

This is why NUTTEA is committed to producing the best quality Nut Mylk and insist on making our Nut Mylk fresh daily with real nuts and natural ingredients only.

Now that's nuts, real nuts.

The Nut-related

Diet Expert

With the increasing awareness for our health and the environment, more plant-based diets are required. Nuts are the trend of the world’s diet and soon will become part of our daily lives. NUTTEA will continue to develop more nut-related diets in order to offer a healthier lifestyle and better environment.

From Farm To Cup


We use the highest qualitynuts sourced from the best producing countries.

Growing to Maturity

The seedling takes three to four years to grow, until ready to harvest.


After six to eight months, the nuts are selected and hand-picked.


Hand-picked nuts after a rigorous process of fleshing, fermenting, washing, drying, removing the shell and polishing become NUTTEA’s standard nuts.


After classification and grading, nuts are packed in the best storage and transported to NUTTEA’s factory.


After receiving the nuts, our professional quality control experts will make a complete evaluation by appearance, smell and flavor to get the best ratio and  baking curve.


NUTTEA uses a slow roasting method to ensure the roasting process results in the best tasting and aromatic nuts.

Cold Pressing and Emulsification

Roasted nuts are cold-pressed and made into our signature Nut Mylk using our perfected extraction method

A cup of tasty NUTTEA

Our rich and fragrant Nut Mylk is then paired with premium tea, coffee and fresh fruit to create the perfect cup of NUTTEA!

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