Vegan-Friendly Nut Milk Tea at NUTTEA

There seems to be an infinite number of tea houses, stalls, and store chains in Taipei, making it almost impossible to keep track of the best places to get your tea fix. It’s common to have a go-to neighbourhood tea place and city-wide favourite (or two), and for the most part we’re guilty of looking no further than the handful of tea shops that we regularly frequent. That being said, one tea shop in particular has been catching our eye for a while: NUTTEA, a tea store specializing in vegan teas made with nut milk and cream. We’d tracked their rise in popularity on Instagram for a while, but it wasn’t until a friend of ours strongly recommended it to us that we decided we had to try it out for ourselves.
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The 7 Best Places For Bubble Tea In Taipei

You can’t visit Taipei without trying Taiwan’s national drink – bubble tea. With endless teahouses on every street, it can be hard to narrow down which one to visit first. We took the grunt work out of it for you and narrowed it down to the best ones — Head over to any of these tea shops for some deliciously fruity or milky bubble tea in Taipei.
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Rock your summer with more fruit choices!

Say Hello to Summer!! NUTTEA welcomes the summer of 2020 with a brand new fruit series! Allow me to introduce our rock and roll summer fruits. Coconut - The one that represents the sun and beach in summer. Pineapple - A little sour and sweet, like the taste of summer love. Mango - It is definitely a must in summer, especially in Taiwan. Mulberry - It has a mysterious look but brings a refreshing and healthy taste that other fruits cannot compare with. Strawberry - Yeah... of course, there is no need to say more, everyone gets it. All the above summer fruits with Nut Mylk or cream are now available!!! Enjoy it and feel the summer!
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London! We Are On The Way To You!

2020 London, are you ready? NUTTEA is on the way to you. Yes, we heard the call from friends in the UK. And yes, we are doing our best to get to you as soon as possible. As the first step towards Europe, NUTTTEA decided to start our journey from London. For those who can't wait, a pop-up store from February to March in Westfield Stratford B1 is there for you. And for those who are in love with us, the NUTTEA Soho store is now in preparation and expected to open in June!! Ready or not, we are coming! Follow us on Instagram @nuttea_uk for the latest news :)
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Hello Melbourne! Here comes the NUTTEA!

!!!GUESS WHAT!!! NUTTEA Melbourne is now in the preparation and will open soon! However, we understand that it's important to serve the starter before the main dish. So the pop-up stores will be held in each district of Melbourne before the grand opening of NUTTEA Australia. Meet us there and enjoy the drinks!
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